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A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

It’s All Online !!

Shall we all take a bow to honor the great Satoshi Nakamoto? Wherever and whoever he is. If you’re up to date with the latest trends in the digital world, and even if you’re not, you probably know by now that – about 10 years ago – this amazing utopia called blockchain was brought to life. 

It’s a bit hard to keep up with all the new currencies that have been created over the last years. The same goes for their value and usage. One thing is clear,  You can’t predict whether they’ll crash or skyrocket from one day to the other.

The most popular ones are probably Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. And so many more to catch up with. You can enter CoinMarketCap to check all the new cryptocurrencies available. Remember, though: Watching graphs and charts going up and down doesn’t increase their value! 

The good thing about this latest vertical is that the word has been spreading for a long time, maybe even before you got started in the affiliate marketing business. It’s now time to take advantage of the buzz. The conversion flows could differ, from CPS and even CPL + Rev Share. This will give the whole purchasing process a legit touch and a feeling of security to both users and publishers.

Then again, with this product, you aren’t just bringing another exchange value to your users. You give them anonymity and the most complex security transaction process humankind has ever been able to use! What about those users you know want to get into Crypto and ICO but aren’t ready to invest?

Make them get ready. If you fail to dive into it and fail to make your users dive in with you, you won’t get a piece of the future!

Watch out for restrictions:

Some crypto offers to accept Adult traffic which is quite a juicy opportunity. This isn’t the rule, though. This means you should stick to rules and regulations!  Traffic sources, you ask? Since the crypto vertical is just rising like crazy, it seems only natural that new sources are now starting to specialize in this traffic type.

A bit of advice: 

Test the best traffic you’ve got. That way, you’ll find the users you’re looking for. You’ll then be ready to explore some more sources. One thing is for sure, Facebook has had it! Yet again,  People are still craving crypto. It’s time to find the hungry mobs and give them what they want!

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