Dating Verticals

What kind of evil person doesn’t look for their true love or at least a legit company for a bit of funky fun?

There are different types of dating offers out there. In fact, you’ve got adult offers and others that are more mainstream-oriented. Since you’re an affiliate marketer, this usually means offers based on CPL (lead gen offers based on data submission), CPS (subscription with a credit card), or CPA (carrier billing).

Now, if you’re trying to step into a brighter world and away from mobile content, you have to try dating. With both CPL and CPS flows, you’ll find yourself out of the mobile operator’s scope for a bit. What a better way to do it while being a matchmaker, or at least something similar.

These offers now tend to work better on display rather than pop traffic, even though pop can be worth a shot, depending on your traffic source. In any case, the use of engaging banners and pre-landers is a must.

Due to the need of filling out contact details and match-making forms, which are more comfortable to do at home, protected from curious eyes, dating works particularly well on Wi-Fi traffic and can also have decent performance on desktop.

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