Ecommerce Verticals

Make It Interesting !!

The Future Of E-Commerce With The Task At Hand.

As the name suggests, E-Commerce is all about promoting e-shops and the products they sell. This is a huge vertical, which means there are several ways of working on it and of actually getting a nice piece of the cake.

CPS (cost per sale) offers, where affiliates promote a third-party online shop e.g. with coupons and get a percentage of the purchase value, or app installs (CPI) are two common practices.

Plus, A big trend in E-Commerce is that of affiliates reselling products from platforms like AliExpress through Shopify on a drop-shipping basis – often promoted as “FREE + Delivery”.

The great thing about this kind of offer is that you promote the products, yet don’t need to think about the production, storage, or shipping. Great deal, right?

The main promotion platforms in this vertical are Facebook and other social media networks, as well as Google AdWords, and native traffic. Due to the growing density of e-shops and partly shady ways of promoting, however, it’s increasingly challenging to work smoothly on Facebook.

What to do? Make sure you get your game straight. The idea of acquiring a product or service is correlated to always playing it safe.

Which means? The affiliate marketing scam lovers should start to tremble. No need to fear! And remember, Don’t attack the user, attract them to the product. There’s still lots of cash to be made. Let’s get this moving to the latest trend in affiliate marketing!

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