Face The Challenges Of Vertical Integration- Start In Gambling Vertical.

Make Money !!

Sports bets, poker, casino games! You’ll find all this and much more in this category. Everything that makes the user addicted is worth promoting. How? Simple: Strategy, planning, and street smarts!

This really is the point in time where researching your GEO’s behavior becomes mighty crucial. Moreover, you should remember the gaming industry is hugely influenced by brands. Forget a higher CR/Payout/RevShare offer in the premium site spots.

If no one has ever heard about them, they’re unrecyclable junk. Moreover, remember to lure the user with a strong message. Go ahead and tell them why they should subscribe to an online casino, instead of a real one.

Everything’s going to look straight-up legit, especially in terms of payments- credit card. If you happen to be a gambler, your mindset will help you succeed in the tough but fabulous Affiliate Marketing road.

Golden Tip: Don’t underestimate adult traffic! If you do, we’ll make fun of you!

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