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Relive The Natural You !!

If you’ve been in the business for a while now, there’s no freaking way you haven’t come across the word Nutra. Nutra is a broad vertical. It’s all about health, dietary supplements, weight loss, and skincare products, but also some adult products such as male enhancers.

In LATAM GEOs such as Brazil, as well as in the US or Canada, this vertical is trending and has many cash cows to discover! The most common models are CPA (subscription/rebills, commonly following a free trial period) or CPS (straight sales or cash on delivery.)

You could say that – with CPS flows – you’re actually selling a product without even having to produce it or care about the stock.

These offers tend to work best on Facebook, Google AdWords, or native traffic. The usage of aggressive creatives featuring celebrity endorsers and bold claims to make the products more appealing to the user is a widespread practice. However, this may hit a nerve on some traffic sources and is often connected to the use of cloaking services.

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