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Sweepstakes are always gonna be making money for some cool affiliates. We’re sure you’ve seen these types of slogans so many times you start getting dizzy! They sometimes appear on your Facebook feed, among your friends’ updates, and a cat video where the obese cat chases a fuzzy ball.

In case you ever felt like trying to actually be the lucky winner, you’ve probably gone through a very nicely designed pre-lander with user-customized questions (just like these pre-landers for iPhone). You’re probably still waiting to be the one! That’s a sweepstakes offer for you, alright!  They’re a type of contest where a prize may be awarded to a lucky winner.

As you may have noticed, some of these offers don’t actually require any purchase on the user side. In fact, users just need to fill a form submit, or simply enter their email address (CPL) which makes it all seem super appealing. There may some awesome Credit Card (CPS) offers out there.

What about the traffic?? 

Most ad networks out there are gonna go for Popunders Ads. Nevertheless, social media is currently winning the game.

Why? Because it’s basically a huge user database where hungry consumers are looking for appealing ads and cool opportunities to win free stuff! And guess what? According to some studies, boredom is actually the official reason for users to check their Facebook as frequently as they now tend to do.

Who knew that having nothing to do could be a catalyst for clicking a sweeps Ad ? Make sure you’ve got a nice, clear, and super honest Ad. You don’t wanna mess with Facebook Ads policies! Remember, You want their traffic, not a terrible headache.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself:  Do people actually ever win these online lotteries? The answer is yes (we’ve checked with the source!) You’ve just gotta keep calm, relax, and wait for that golden ticket to come home!

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